How to Give a Detox Bath

  1. First you want to draw a hot bath (not too hot, you don’t want to burn your precious children but hot enough to sweat).  Make the bath as deep as possible (use common sense safety precautions with kids), you want as much of the body in the water as possible for maximum effectiveness.

  2. If your water isn’t filtered you need to neutralize the chemicals (like chlorine) in your water or the detox bath will not work and your children will absorb toxic chlorine instead of eliminating toxins!  You can neutralize your water 3 ways: 1) Crystal Ball Bath Dechlorinator  (good for 200 baths!) OR 2) 1 teaspoon vitamin C powder.  There are 2 different forms and either will work.  You can use this one  or this one .  OR 3) ¼ cup baking soda .

  3. Add your de-chlorinator of choice to the bath water and let it sit for 2-5 minutes to neutralize the chlorine.

  4. Mix the epsom salts, coconut or olive oil and essential oils in a small bowl or cup.  After the bath is neutralized, add the salts/oils to the bath.

  5. Add bentonite clay if using.  Bentonite clay binds to chemicals, including heavy metals, and removes them. To add the clay to your bath, mix it together with water first in a cup to get the clumps out (however you are not supposed to let the clay touch metal so use a wooden or plastic spoon to stir) and then add to bath.

  6. Have your kids get in the bath and let them soak for 20 minutes.

  7. Do not use soaps or personal care products in a detox bath.  During a detox bath your children’s pores are wide open and they will absorb all the chemicals from personal care products if you use them!  Skip the soap during a detox bath and just soak and relax!

  8. Detox baths can be done once a week on a regular basis.  During times of illness you might increase the frequency to stimulate immune function.

  9. Make sure your kids stay hydrated with filtered water before and after a detox bath.

Detox Bath Recipes

Everyday Detox Bath for Kids

Immune Boosting Detox Bath for Kids (uses more salt for maximum effectiveness)


Add neutralizer of choice to a very warm bath and let sit for 5 minutes.  In a bowl mix the epsom salt/magnesium flakes, coconut oil/olive oil and essential oil blend of choice.  Add salt mixture to the bath.  Add bentonite clay if using.  Have kids get in bath and soak for 20 minutes.  Do not use soaps or products while in a detox bath.  Enjoy!